About Us

Mizzi is a fresh, independent coffee and sandwich bar in the waterside area of Cardiff Bay with future plans for more branches throughout South Wales.

Mizzi has been hand-crafted by husband and wife duo Michael and Madeleine Mizzen, both of whom have an extensive background in the food and hospitality sector. Located on the doorstep of the Cardiff Waterside development, Mizzi is the perfect, local choice for busy professionals pursuing a “grab and go” lunch or for those taking a quick half hour lunch break from office life.

Michael is a chef by profession and having spent the last six years as the Area Culinary Manager for Hilton Hotels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, he has had his fair share of corporate lunches and sandwiches on the go.

“Most weeks I spent my time travelling across the region and I was lucky as I was able to eat quality lunches in the hotel coffee shops, however whenever I bought lunch on the go I was disappointed with the quality. Soggy three-day old sandwiches and bitter coffee-chain coffee is available on every corner but there is definitely a market for something better.”

The overall concept of Mizzi has taken time to develop. Michael knew that as people demanded better quality coffee, they would soon be expecting a fresh, hand-prepared lunch option too. Of course, our concept could not be created at the expense of time. As anyone nipping out for lunch knows, you want and need to be served as quickly and as efficiently as possible. That is the aim of Mizzi, to provide fresh food fast to all of our customers.

All Mizzi establishments have an on-site production kitchen therefore guaranteeing that our products are made fresh daily. Our sandwiches, baguettes, wraps and salads come prepacked ready to grab and go, however a selection of warm paninis and toasties will also be available for those who can spare a few moments for a warming lunch.  Obviously, no lunch stop would be complete without an assortment of sinful, but scrumptious, cakes, cookies and doughnuts alongside the finest espresso coffee and other classic hot and cold drinks. Moreover, for that last-minute birthday present for your co-worker indulge in wrapped brownies, cookies or Piacetto coffee or maybe treat them (and yourself!) to a box of tasty, iced doughnuts.

Our first Mizzi outlet can be found at 3 Aquila House on Pierhead Street directly across from Caspian Point home to the British Medical Association, European Commission, Offcom and Clarks Legal to name a few. Mizzi Cardiff is ideally situated for all those hungry workers and alongside the take away and sit-in options, Mizzi Cardiff delivers a perfect solution for those business lunches.


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